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Golden Chemical Participates in Shenzhen Film & Tape Expo

Author:    Click:52    DateTime:2019-12-3 14:02:14

       On November 21-23, 2019, the C-touch & Display Shenzhen 2019 and the Shenzhen Film & Tape Expo 2019 were held in Shenzhen World Convention & Exhibition Center.  Golden Chemical's Pulp & Paper Business Division and Coatings & Building Materials Division Emulsion Polymerization Branch all organized personnel to participate in the exhibition. We set up an exhibition at Booth 46 in Hall 9A. 

       At the Film & Tape Expo, we mainly exhibited Dow Chemical's emulsion release agents for film substrates, ultra-light and solvent-free organic silicone release agents and universal solvent-free organic silicone release agents for film substrates, as well as solvent-type and platinum-catalyzed organic silicone release agents for film substrates.  Our customers carried out talks with the sales manager in terms of the characteristics and applications of these products and made a positive evaluation on our professionalism in the release agent industry. 

       This exhibition, which brought the C-touch & Display Shenzhen, the Film & Tape Expo and the International Coating & Die-cutting Exhibition into one big event, greatly promoted the application of our agent products - Dow Chemical Organic Silicone Release Agents - in many aspects.

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